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Carlos E. García-Ortiz

President & Senior Engineer

Over 25 years of Construction, Structural Engineering and Foundations Experience.
Strategy & Technical Lead.

Cynthia Rivera-Meléndez

Administration Manager

Payroll, Invoices, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchases & Human Resources

Project Engineering, Superintendant, & Crew Planning, Cost Control, Purchases & Customer Service

Diana Sendoya

Secretary & Administrative Assistant

Administrative Procedures, Representative at Government Agencies & Key Person for Daily Errands

Darilyn García-Meléndez

Project Engineer & Estimator

Project Engineering, Technician, Estimating and Bids.

Ram Jack Helical Piles, Push Piles and Tie Backs Crew Leader and Installer. Electrical Installations & General Construction Crew Leader.

Crew Leader for Structural Repair and Reinforcement Projects as well as Building Restoration and General Construction.

Craftsmen & Hardworkeres

Trained and Dedicated Crews

Our team of dedicated workers and craftspeople that work had day to day to fulfil the project and customer requirements. 

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